A professional photographer shows up to shoot your home or project. You have already discussed the terms and conditions, licensing and usage and also the price. Yet, you are still concerned with why the price is so high.


The photographer spends one to two hours at your home or project and is done shooting. She thanks you and leaves explaining that it will be two days, three days or a week and you will receive the photos. You are asking yourself, I just paid $300.00 to  $1,500.00 for 10 to 40 images and she is finished shooting in an hour and I won’t even see the photos for days.

Let me explain a few things that will happen when the photographer begins the editing process. When she gets to her office or home office she will transfer the images from a flash card to her hard drive. Then she will open PhotoShop or Lightroom and pre-edit the photos. Next she will probably use another software program to blend the images so that the inside and outside become close to what you see with the naked eye. After that happens, the photos will be taken back into her editing software and begin the process of fine tuning each photo on her 30″ monitor. Post checking each photo one more time before uploading them to yet another software program to “host” the images for her clients.


When all is emailed off to the client that $300.00 to $1,500.00 is broken down to $10 to $150 an hour. The discrepancy in the pricing is due to the licensing and usage the client will receive. Real Estate photography is a short-term use while a business using the photos for their website or their own marketing will use the photos indefinitely. These numbers only include her time. She also has to pay extremely high prices for her equipment, computers, monitors, extra hard drives for storage, numerous editing software, storage software, liability insurance, camera insurance, training on new software and many other expenses.


Professional photographers are expensive but not hiring a professional photographer can be expensive also. You only want to shoot your home or project once. Just as you would not have an amateur doctor give you your yearly check-up. Don’t hire an amateur photographer to help you with your marketing or business needs.

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